Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another "Hurry Up" Dinner that's Guest Worthy

I figured that most food blogs, this week, will focus on party foods - those grand dinners and delightful little finger foods - sweet and savory. Of course, I don't really have time to visit my favorites. That will have to wait for a lull. Anyway, the point is, I thought I'd stay focused on quick, but impressive dinners - great just for you and company worthy for those who drop by or are staying with you for the holiday.

This hot(spicy and temperature wise) coleslaw took less time to whip up than the time it took to grill the steak I served with it and it's really delicious (and South Beach Diet friendly, too). Because it's full of Kalyn's favorite herb - cilantro, it's a great dish for her Holiday Weekend Herb Blogging Event.

I adapted this from a great magazine - fine Cooking. The magazine always has lots of variations, photos and tips and check out the free download for make ahead holiday recipes.

So, once again (I can't say it often enough) take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday season - even those crazy days!


Kalyn said...

I love Fine Cooking. I think it's my favorite food magazine. This sounds just fantastic.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

That's a really original concept, and one that really makes my mouth water.

Kitt said...

Thanks for this recipe! I just made it and it turned out great. I'm taking it to a Christmas potluck tomorrow.

I put a picture on my blog: http://kittbo.blogspot.com/

Happy holidays!