Friday, October 20, 2006

Inspirations from The Joy of Cooking & My Fridge

It’s Fall and the weather’s been all over the map – rainy… cool…warm… naturally it’s also cold season and my Honey gave me his. Wasn’t that sweet? Anyway, what’s better when you’re feeling fluish than some soothing soup?

I also was feeling bad that I’ve only tried one recipe from The Joy of Cooking(I often feel unnecessarily guilty when I’m sickly) and I had a craving for some sort of a leek and mushroom soup. So I turned to the soup section and found a few varieties of potato leek soup, but I’m trying to avoid potatoes and flour – The South Beach Diet, after all…. and so I used the book more for quantities and timing and the just looked through my fridge for ingredients. The Swiss Chard appealed to me, so that got added to the pot and I really wanted some fresh thyme to heighten the woodsy flavor of the cremini mushrooms. Unfortunately the thyme was growing some sinister looking mold – yuch! So I opted for dried thyme instead.

Between the thyme, leeks and Swiss Chard, I’m ready for this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging Event. I love Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen for thinking it up and glad to note that Pat from Up a Creek Without a PatL is hosting this time around.

So without further ado, pick up a spoon and share a bowl with me…..

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Kalyn said...

I use the Joy of Cooking the same way, as a resource more than an actual recipe book. I'm so old I have both versions!

The soup sounds delicious. I have some chard in the fridge right now!

gattina said...

hope you recover soon!
I'm a big fan of leek; am definitely going to make your soup!
I've read (most of) The Joy of Cooking many many times but mainly their intro of each chapter, found lots of great ideas. But like you, I haven't tried many of their recipes, but I believe they're good.

Kati said...

Yay! I'm trying your leek soup recipe this week! I still have lots of leeks in the garden. And what a relief to me that you said "ado" instead of "adieu", which I hear incessantly these days and it grates on my few remaining nerves ;D

Ruth said...

Kalyn, it's quite amazing to me how many references there are to Joy of Cooking. I guess that's because of the new edition. Enjoy the soup.

Gattina, thanks for the wishes. The cold is mostly gone, I'm just in the tired stage. I love leeks too and this dish doesn't make me feel guilty (South Beach Diet guilty).

Kati, I'm glad you dropped by and without further ado I'll say adieu - and hope I don't press on any nerves ;- )