Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lamb Chop Summer Salad

I love it when the planets align and I get to combine ideas found in more than one recipe source. Standing in line at the grocery store check out I saw a mini version of one of my favorite magazines - Delicious and naturally had to buy it. Just flipping through I found several great looking recipes that I will definitely be experimenting with and all of them will be South Beach Diet friendly, I promise.

And, of course, because there are loads of herbs - rosemary, mint and basil, I get to be a part of Kalyn's Weekend Herb Blogging Event - my very favorite weekly event.

Everything in the recipe looked so tempting - so many of my favorite ingredients in one dish! Lamb chops (and fresh Ontario lamb is definitely plentiful this time of year as are local luscious strawberries) are high on my list and combining them with mixed greens, fresh goat feta, strawberries and mint with a raspberry vinaigrette - what's NOT to love.

I thought it would be simple to find lamb chops, but it wasn't. I felt like Goldielocks when she found the bears house - too hot, too cold....for me it was too puny, too fatty, too....and nowhere did I actually see rib chops. So I started thinking about using a rack of lamb. I've never done one, usually saving that to order when I eat out. Not sure why, since in the end it's really a simple and impressive thing to prepare. And then I was watching one of the "Boys Who Grill" shows on FoodTV (not sure if it was Licensed to Grill with Rob Rainford or Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay), but somebody did a rack of lamb on the grill and I couldn't remember who and I needed to know how long it would take on the grill (my butcher said 30 minutes but that seemed long). So I did what any web-savvy foodie does....I googled and found an interesting version at What's Cooking America - great site, btw, and definitely worth bookmarking.

So now well armed with ideas, I came up with a wonderful version (at least we thought so) I thought I'd share.....


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sher said...

You're so right--what's not to love? The lamb looks FABULOUS!!!! And all the other ingredients would be great with it. Yum.

Kalyn said...

Looks just delicious. I am really crazy about lamb, but it's very expensive here.

Ruth said...

Thanks ladies, and fyi - the lamb's expensive here - $31 Canadian. My rationale....if we went out to a restaurant it would have cost that much for each of us!

Anyway, it's a wonderful treat dish.

Thanks for dropping by.

paz said...

I love the idea of a "lamb chop" salad! Yum, yum, yum!