Thursday, June 1, 2006

Back to South Beach with a Twist - Salmon & Cauliflower

I recently was asked to review another diet book. Now before my fellow South Beach Diet fans have a heart attack or worse - refuse to come back and visit. I want to make it clear that I am not jumping ship!!!

I did, however want to see what The Sonoma Dietwas all about. In fact it's very similar to the SBD once you get past the first phase which seems much harsher than SBD. That said, I still recommend this book and here's why -

1. Great explanations of the "Power Foods" including their health benefits and nutrients. So just to give you a taste.....
Almonds - rich in calcium, protein, copper zinc, magnesium & B vitamins - considered a "smart fat"
Bell Peppers - heart protection, cancer fighting, vision preservation
Blueberries - higher in antioxidant value than anything other than red kidney beans- slows down memory loss, improves digestive disorders
Broccoli - (the book calls this the "gourmet power food") - high in vitamin C & calcium - cancer fighter
Grapes - in wine or off the vine it's a heart protector.
Olive Oil - "healthy fat & a wealth of antioxidants..preventing heart in vitamin E and carotenoids"
Spinach - rich in iron, calcium it prevents osteoporosis, another "carotenoid that's linked to eye health"
Strawberries - the author calls this "delicious health" - no kidding but it also reduces inflammation (apparently they work like aspirin), "rust busters to keep cells healthy"
Tomatoes - protects cardiovascular system, reduces risk of many cancers
Whole Grains - boosts metabolism, fibre rich.
Notice they're all SB friendly and the explanations make sense.

2 - great recipes that really do fit with all the South Beach principles and add variety to the mix. See the gorgeous salmon and cauliflower at the top of the post? Well the whole meal took 20 minutes to prepare. And it makes for a good Weekend Herb Blogging Entry to for my good friend Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen

Sonoma Diet
Sonoma Diet
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Kalyn said...

All these recipes sound just wonderful. I have been curious about the Sonoma diet, so thanks for reviewing it. I'll have to look for this book at the library.

Ruth said...

It is definitely a keeper!!!

Sara said...

mmmmm, the cauliflower looks scrumptious! i love any diet that includes cheese.

Katy said...

that salmon looks great!!!