Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Willpower, Moderation & Chocolate

Willpower, Moderation & Chocolate

As I was heading into the home stretch of the South Beach Diet – Phase One, I was flipping through the bookand looking at all the wonderful Phase Two desserts like strawberries dipped in chocolate, and chocolate dipped apricots rolled in crushed nuts, and chocolate pistachio bark…just to name a few. I must admit, I was drooling. Then it hit me – how was I going to handle chocolate? We have never been known to be able to eat “just a little”. We have, on the other hand, been known to go through an entire box of chocolate or cookies in one sitting!

Wikipedia gives this definition of moderation:

"Moderation is also a principle of life. In ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan - 'Nothing in excess'. Doing something "in moderation" means not doing it excessively. For instance, someone who moderates their food consumption tries to eat all food groups, but limits their intake of those that may cause deleterious effects to harmless levels."
Yesterday my friend took me out to lunch and we went to a favorite lunch spot for me – Bregman’s Bakery. They have the most delicious Challah bread, made on the premises and when it surrounds their club sandwich…..well, it’s one of my favorite lunches. So I was very mature and passed it by, opting instead for pea soup and a small Greek salad combo. We even came back to my place so I wouldn’t be tempted by all their desserts.

And before she left, she gave me a box of Lindt chocolates because I had been saying how much I missed chocolate during SBD – Phase One. And even though we are allowed chocolate in moderation (there’s that word again), I’m afraid to open the box! I wonder how long it can sit there before I dare to open it and only eat one or two…maybe it will be our lunch dessert today.

I’ll let you know how we did.

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Nerissa said...

Chocolate and I have a passionate and dangerous relationship too. I always find the best way for me to not eat it is to let my fiance hide the chocolate and give it to me piece by piece. Sometimes I even forget he has some hidden if I do it that way. If it weren't for him, I just wouldn't buy it often or... well, I'm sure you know the rest ;)

tony of bachelor cooking said...

And I have been living on ice creams since i have this terrible toothache last few days lol

Cyndi said...

I keep individually-wrapped Dove Promises (the dark ones!) in my purse for the dire emergencies that call for a soothing taste. I've been pretty good--never had more than one a day, sometimes I can go a day without one.
Did you eat the frozen pudding yet? How was it?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mmmh, Lindt chocolates!

I love to eat any sweet temptation, but I can do it with moderation, so I don't really know what it is to have to put limits (although I'm not exactly a saint). I guess that I'm lucky...

I hope you'll be brave and will only eat one chocolate at a time!!!! And remember that food eaten with a good conscience will do you no harm!...

Ruth said...

Nerissa - I'm the one with more willpower, so.....

Tony, hope the toothache is gone

Cyndi, I have been eating 2 chocolates a day, but they're minis. As for the chocolate pudding frozen. It's more ice than cream - hard as a rock, so we liked it better as a pudding.

Everyone - thanks for dropping by.