Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Shrimp & Steak Kebobs - From Spring Back to Winter

Well I finally got around to making the summery recipe I found in the latest edition of Delicious Magazine - the shrimp & steak kebobs on the BBQ.

My usual digression - when I went to the Delicious site to get the link, I noticed that Down Under has a different edition - with a gorgeous looking Paella on the cover. I forget that it's summer down below the equator - lucky you!!! Now back to my little story...

Of course, on Saturday, when I bought the magazine, the weather started out very spring-like and the cover got my full attention – visions of the Greek Islands dancing in my head. It even seemed reasonable to stand outside and do some cooking. And yesterday was brilliantly sunny, so…… I got everything ready, marinated the shrimps and sirloin, soaked my bamboo skewers in water, prepared a semi-Caesar salad and whipped up some very garlicky rice. Since I spent most of the day at my computer, glancing out at all that sunshine, I never actually stood outside until it was time to light the BBQ. BIG shock – it felt like 20 below zero. I’m not sure what the temperature really was, but the wind blast on my face as I opened the door instantly got my attention… So naturally I had my honey do the actual cooking. He did a great job and dinner was delicious, but so much for BBQing in February. I think I’ll hold off for a while and go back to good old body and soul warming comfort foods like the one I was supposed to make on Monday – Donna Hay’s Herb and Three Cheese Penne.


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MagicTofu said...

I just discovered this magazine recently and was a bit curious about this recipe. How was it?

Ruth said...

The magazine is great, the recipe was nice. The squirt of lemon juice I added really brought it to life.

Joe said...

Thanks Ruth, I've seen the magazine but never picked it up - this looks delicious (I suppose so given the magazine name!)