Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cooking Class Party Themes

Cooking class parties are fun!!!

It’s an easy, enjoyable and special way to entertain a small group of good friends. Everyone can learn something new, something they can really sink their teeth into, and enjoy the fruits of their labor, too. After all, hasn’t it been too long since you’ve played with your food?

There are only two rules:

1. Remember that the menu should reflect not only the food EVERYONE likes, but be at the cooking comfort level of everyone invited.

2. Get ready to roll up your sleeves.

So here are a few ideas for fun parties.

For the Foodies out there who already love to experiment in the kitchen, try for something a little more challenging and sophisticated and incorporate a Wine Tasting in the mix.

For those who live a hectic life, try some Simple and Speedy Suppers ideas to take back with them to reduce their stress without compromising delicious meals or having to heat up prepared dinners.

Ever have that heart stopping moment when an unexpected guest arrives at the door? Well, it’s time to learn how to create appetizers and main courses in a flash.

It’s that time of year when kids reach a certain age and they’re off to university or college, leaving behind a fully stocked kitchen, including someone to cook for them. Give them a party to learn how to do better than take out and all with only one pot and one pan.

Are you an Empty Nester, used to cooking for the family and now they’ve flown the coop? It’s time to experiment and try all those dishes the kids used to turn their up noses at.

Many people today are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle, if not permanently, then at least part-time. There are so many choices for tasty, mouthwatering and hearty dishes; even the biggest carnivores feel satisfied.

And just for fun - Tapas menu

Let’s not forget the office, corporate team building takes on a new meaning when it’s done in the kitchen. Time management, delegation of roles and responsibilities and, negotiation of resources are just a few of the skills needed when your team gets together to cook up lunch.

We've moved! Unfortunately, I won't be doing any parties in Toronto. If you live in the Halifax area, and are interested in hosting a party, you can contact me by email at .


Nautilus said...

Hi Ruth, wonderful tips for hosting a cooking class party. My question to you would be,
1. Did you host these parties in your own kitchen?
2. Did you need any special license to host these parties? For food? For liquor?
I'd really appreciate if you give me a few pointers :-)
Email me if you can at

Ruth Daniels said...

Nautilus, I facilitate parties in other people's homes. It makes it more personal and more relaxing for the guests to do it at the host (or host's friend's) home.

I just bring whatever kitchen equipment is missing, plus the food, of course.

Since the parties are in private homes there's no need for a liquor license.

Most important thing to remember is to only suggest a menu with dishes that can be prepared in a maximum of one hour. Slow-cooking soups, stews and roasts are out.

EAT! said...

what a great idea!! I will look into these kind of parties in my area.