Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Trucks - A Whole New World

When I was a cracks, please!   I remember two types of food trucks... ice cream trucks in the neighborhood with the sound of magical bells that attracted every child within hearing.  Think Pied Piper.  The other type of truck I remember, was at the side of the high way (not the super highways of today, but rather slow two lane roads)...The chip truck.... freshly made fries... awesome!
By the time my kids were teens, food trucks meant burgers, fries and sausages or hot dogs.  They were outside every sporting/concert event, not to mention lunch time outside office buildings.  That's Bud the Spud, a local fixture in downtown Halifax.

And then not so long ago, the world of food trucks evolved to a whole new level... there are even apps for your smart phones that can find one not far from your current location.  Here's one for Halifax.   I've passed fancy poutine trucks, burger & sausages taken to a very gourmet level and even doughnuts!  

My new favorite (often seen minutes from my house) is The Gecko Bus, (check out this video) from the folks that brought Halifax Habaneros.  The bus is cool, the guys are so upbeat, the choices... a bazillion options for toppings for tacos (soft or hard) and burritos.   I loved it.  It makes even a rainy, gloomy day filled with sunshine!

But that's not the only kind of local food truck out and about in Halifax...But a little background... when we first moved from Toronto, with fishmongers in every neighborhood,  I expected the same in Halifax, which is right on the Atlantic Ocean.   Not so!!!  Yes you can buy fish at grocery stores and there are two fish and seafood shops, but you really do have to wait for market day to expect some fresh local fish otherwise.

I remember when we first moved, being excited about some guys selling salted cod and fresh mackerel out of the back of his car.    But now I often spot Gary's Fresh Seafood in my own neighborhood.   The lobsters are delicious as are scallops, salmon... everything I've ever tried.   A couple of days ago I decided on Halibut steaks.
So... lunch pulled pork tacos from The Gecko Bus and dinner was sort of from a food truck.   The effort to have really fresh fish for dinner:  5 minute drive to get the fish; 5 minutes to prepare the sauce and preheat the BBQ; 10 minutes to grill!

I'd love to hear your favorite food truck story.

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Karen Gerard said...

For years, my mother and I went to the same hot dog truck on the way to the beach. They had the best dogs, chips and ice cream. When it closed down, we felt lost.