Monday, February 13, 2012

Egg in a Hole... Toad in a Hole

This post is actually about guilty pleasures.  We all have them... admit it... you know you do.  For some it's chocolate, for others it's fast food they would never readily admit to (which occasionally included me) .  Mostly, though, it's spicy red hot cinnamon candies and Greasy breakfasts.

Most of the time, my "big" breakfasts are healthy... including boiled, poached or lightly scrambled eggs with multigrain toast - one slice only, thanks.   But I just reviewed a wonderful book - In My Mother's Kitchen - You can read all about it HERE.  It's one of those books that take you back to being a kid.  And one of the recipes that took me there was Egg in a Hole.  A breakfast I haven't made in years.  Healthier lifestyle being the main reason.  I mean... eggs fried in bread slathered with butter to get it crispy and yet juicy?   My mother used to use white sliced (Wonder Bread ), way before it was determined that "white" was not the best option,  not to mention all that butter.

In flipping through the breakfast section of the book, I came across recipes for soft boiled eggs & soldiers (toast strips to dunk in the soft yolks), homemade granola, all sorts of muffins and... lots of other perfectly healthy, very delicious recipes.   But the one that had my heart racing and my taste buds dancing was the Egg in a Hole.   If you note the photo at the top of the page, you'll realize that I did use multigrain bread..and, of course free range eggs from my local farmer's stab at "healthy".  It was slurpingly scrumptious!

The only reason I'm sharing my sinful secret is to find out what you called this oh-so-simple dish, because I'm pretty sure you've had some.    The Wikipedia entry came up with 20 names from egg in a basket, toad in a hole, bird's nests, bullseye eggs, and one eyed monster being some of my favorites.

Oh... and what is your guilty pleasure?  I promise not to tell a soul!


Linda said...

It's a toad-in-the-hole for me! I think I will make one today. My guilty pleasure is cheesecake..topped with any kind of a berry.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I like "eggs in a blanket". I made the actual Toad in a Hole over the weekend which is sausages (bangers) smothered in Yorkshire pudding and slathered with gravy. These do remind me of my childhood.

Joanne said...

My guilty pleasure...hmm peanut butter and/or nutella. On white bread. Which I NEVER have anymore. But if I were "forced" to....