Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Annapolis Valley Farmers Markets

Saturday in the Annapolis Valley must...for any foodie, at least....start out at the Wolfville Farmers Market. I do apologize for my less than stellar photos. It's really hard to show off the wonderful stalls and their goodies and show that people really do come out in droves. Actually, it was impossible to really frame any shot without folks getting in front of the camera.
Naturally I focused on the food...lots of certified organic, free range, grass other words, pesticide and other additive free foods all from right here in the valley. Long gone are the days when the only organic foods I found were in health food stores and were, puny, shrivelled looking things.
As I've mentioned before, what would a Nova Scotia Saturday Market be without some fantastic music.
And, food isn't just the freshest, tastiest produce, eggs, meat and fish to take home and's also to munch right here, right now. go with some Fair Trade Coffee (three different stands to choose from)
Food isn't the only reason to come to the Saturday Market...all those artisan booths where you can buy jewelery, silk screen or batik clothes, beautiful pottery and wonderfully carved wooden pieces (I have my eye on a few serving bowls, myself).

But that's for another day, today I couldn't resist the fresh corn before we headed out to another favorite market of mine.

Hennigar's Market is between Wolfville and Kentville and you can find lots of local fruit and vegetables like these

perfect cherries

giant peaches

crisp yellow and purple sweet peppers

plus...and it's a giant plus...local preserves, chutneys, jams and homemade pies to name just a few.

What's your favorite market that focuses on local fare?

All summer I'll be working with the Hellmann's & Evergreen Foundation Eat Real Eat Local Campaign. You can find out how to do your part at the EatRealEatLocal website. Hellmann's will donate 25 cents for every time you talk about real food on blogs, in emails, twitter or facebook. Just add #realfood . Hopefully they'll be donating $25,ooo to the Evergreen Foundation by the end of September.

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UPrinting said...

The Wolfville Farmers Market is a must-go-to place then for the freshest, affordable organic food!
And I'm seeing those really awesome cherries again, yummy! The peaches look wonderful too, hmm, now I'm thinking of a peach mango caramel pie, yum!