Saturday, March 14, 2009

How Many Times Can I Say It....Love Food Magazines

I've already mentioned my latest batch of food magazines and I'm already Jonesing for fickle I am. Don't get me wrong...I never throw old ones away and spend many a glorious hour flipping through them looking for the perfect recipe for... something or other.

The bottom two shelves of those bookcases are filled with great magazines and at the top of the photo (on the left) is my coveted Donna Hay Collection of cookbooks (5 so far) and magazines. There are actually two more shelves of cookbooks above, but this is a post about magazines.

There are certain times of the month when they all seem to appear on bookstore shelves and I can't resist. So, while watching mindless TV, I flip through them, turning down pages that look appetizing and, I admit, often put them aside for a time. That said...much more often, there will be one or two in a batch that just scream out to me every time I pass them by.

Bon Appetit March 2009 is just such an issue and it looks loved too...all wrinkly from when it fell into the bathtub (a perfect relaxing event...sweet smelling bubble baths and a glorious read of savory dishes). Thank goodness for the hair dryer! Usually only one recipe gets made immediately after purchase, but that issue won our hearts with four awesome meals:

Braised Short Ribs in Sherry

Lamb & Eggplant Shepherd's Pie

Moroccan-style Chicken Pie

Shrimp & Sausage Pie

But it was time to move on...and the latest Saveur(top of the pile on my table) has been making the most noise with those fantastic looking ribs on the cover...which, by the way, were everything I expected them to be and then some.

Hawaiian-style Kalbi

There are some lovely artichoke recipes that I'll be trying ...once we actually get some local artichokes. It is still very much winter here, remember. I think, however it's time to move on to the next magazine...

Donna Hay?...the roasted tomato, eggplant & haloumi burger has my mouth watering, as does the smoky chili chicken, chorizo and feta burger (it is getting on to lunch time here, although today we're eating out with the kids - two generations of them!) and the mint flat bread with green onion pesto is definitely a "must make soon".

The latest Bon Appetit (April, 2009)?...some very tasty looking dishes, but they really are more Spring friendly, so that one is on hold, except perhaps the halibut fillet on mashed fava beans with mint...that is if I can find the early spring fava beans here.

Delicious Magazine ?...February's issue has an awesome looking Spicy Prawn (shrimp in my neck of the woods) and chickpea curry that definitely is on the shortlist...not to mention the nutella mousse!

I guess it's time to hit the stores...not sure if it's for more magazines or ingredients for some of the above.

Which are your favorite cooking magazines? I'm always looking for new faves.


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I can't resist a food magazine either Ruth:D

pam said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in my magazine addiction. My favorite though is the Donna Hay. I pay a fortune to get it delivered her, but it's well worth it.

Maria said...

I love magazines and cookbooks, it is an obsession, but I consider it a good one:)

The Food Hunter said...

I'm so addicted to food magazines. I just wish I had the time to make every recipe from all the tagged pages.