Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who Says Dessert Has to Be Forbidden?

I admit it...when I think of desserts, my instant reaction is...oh well, there goes the waistline. But recently I found the perfect dessert, especially for holiday is Thanksgiving here in Canada, after all.

This Spicy Pear Sorbet has no sugar! No sugar, no honey, no...anything but the natural sweetness of ripe pears. And it's truly the perfect finish to a rich over the top dinner.

I found it in the Healthiest Meals on Earth book I wrote about and even if you don't take the book to extremes...really balancing a meal the way the author recommends, you will find some great dishes. This one is an antioxidant...and it tastes so good! Those with lactose intolerance will finally be able to eat a creamy, delicate dessert and not have to pop any pills. The rest of us who normally feel guilty about adding lots of calories from buttery, creamy desserts will be amazed at the richness without the fat.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Sara said...

you're right, sorbet is a great dessert. we had a green apple sorbet on friday and it was fantastic! i found a couple of sorbet recipes i'm hoping to try soon.

Ruth Daniels said...

And I can't wait until you share them. Thanks for dropping by.