Thursday, July 24, 2008

Presto Pasta Night #73

Don't forget, this week's Presto Pasta Night #73 will be hosted by Katie of Thyme for Cooking who will be doing a magnificent job, I know. You can send your fantastic entries to her directly at thyme2.kate AT gmail DOT com.

I've spent the last day and a half at camp and although I did get to spend time with my delicious grandson (who thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ especially the dessert), his parents and my other daughter ( Bo's nanny for the summer), I really went to spend time in the kitchen. I mean ...imagine cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 360 campers, their counsellors and other staff totalling 450. And do that everyday for 6 weeks! Truly an awesome experience and I'll be writing about it in the next few days.

So, naturally I didn't have time to make any pasta for this week's roundup. Today, the camp kitchen crew cooked up everyone's favorite...mac'n cheese. Next week I'll be sharing the recipe for FOUR heard me! This week, I'll just be checking out everyone else's great pastas.

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Anonymous said...

Wow mac n' cheese for 400! I can't wait :) I had a craving for mac n' cheese the other day.