Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pasta in the Heat

Who says it's too hot to make pasta? Well, frankly we've been saying that all week. No one wants a steamy kitchen at the end of a hot and muggy day. But I really did want to make pasta, after all, I'm hosting Presto Pasta Nights myself this week.

My trick....I boiled my pasta this morning when it was still cool and then let it sit in cool water until I was ready to quickly whip up the sauce. Oh...and earlier this week I took advantage of another cool morning to roast a chicken so I'd have a variety of options for eating in the heat.

So what's your trick for managing to make delicious meals when it's really too hot to cook?

You still have time to send your entries to me at and I'll post them in the roundup tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My last pasta dish was a flop so didn't get sent in for roundup.

Early morning roasting sounds like a great idea. I love to roast tomatoes early in the morning they make the house smell so good!

Ruth Daniels said...

Sorry about the flop. I had one of those last week.

Hopefully next week will be better. I'm looking forward to it.

tigerfish said...

But it's raining heavily over here and it's flooding!

I'm coming to your place for your pasta :)

Did you get my entry for this week via email? Well, just in case...

A.C. said...

Its waaay too hot in Phoenix to heat up the house with the oven, we have a small toaster oven and we grill outside A LOT during the summer... that way we can leave the food cooking outside, and stay inside with the a/c :)

Fitness Foodie said...

Looks great. Love the idea of roasting the veggies, it must add so much flavor.

test it comm said...

With roasted red peppers and goat cheese this pasta sounds really tasty!

Ruth Daniels said... slow am I to respond. By now you know your entry was posted.

Corinne...if only we had a place to grill...or AC!

Parker & Kevin...there's nothing like roasted peppers and goat cheese to turn a boring dish into AWESOME

Thanks all for dropping by