Monday, June 23, 2008

What To Make For That "Flexible" Lunch Party

Ever have one of those Sundays when you know people are coming for lunch/brunch/snack? You know PEOPLE are coming , but not sure how many - 3, 4, 5, 6?

That's what yesterday was like. Everyone is going to camp...Joanna (the Director), her husband, Ezra, who knows she's the boss...but only for the summer ; -), Boaz (who's always the boss)and his nanny for the summer, my other daughter, Sharron. And in order to get in my last fix of everyone, although we will be visiting's less than two hours from here...I invited them for a meal before heading out.

But with all the last minute things they'd have to get done before hitting the road, I wasn't really sure when or for how long they'd be coming. Plus there was, at least one other house guest of theirs...another senior staff member or maybe two that might be coming with them.

So what's a Mummy/Grandma to serve? My thinking was that I'd make things we could at least use for lunches for the next few days in case, they really only had time for a quick hug. And because, I don't think I'm alone with this kind of dilemma, I thought I'd share the menu...which by the way, makes for a perfect picnic too.

I was going to make this Tuna, Avocados & Tomato Salad, but my Honey is not really a fan of avocados or tomatoes so...I didn't want to make two avocado dishes that wouldn't really last for days, especially if I'm the only one who'd be eating it.

Dakota Bread

Whole Wheat Rosemary Focaccia

Some of their (and my) favorite cheeses: Brie, Manchego, Strong Cheddar, Monterey Jack

Not great for a picnic, as you have to fry them up before serving, but Stuffed Parathas are perfect to have in the freezer. They just take a few minutes to cook. (There's a fantastic Indian grocery store nearby and these beauties are perfect for "end-of-day-too-pooped-to-cook-but-I'm-starving" snack with a little hot Indian pickle.

And here are a few of my "standards" that I didn't whip up this time around, but are on many a picnic/lunch menu around here...

And a ton of other salads you can find here.

Plus some dessert things we didn't get around to...
Because they were gone within hours of me making them on Saturday!

(There was some left, but everyone was stuffed...good! more for me during the week)

I also had some Balkan style yoghurt and fresh local strawberries in the fridge and some tasty jams & honey, dessert for this least not yesterday.

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Kalyn Denny said...

Hi Ruth,
Sounds like a lot of tasty dishes. I bet you're having fun with the grandmother thing, love that photo of you holding Boaz in the yellow boots (on Facebook.)