Friday, January 18, 2008

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #46

A very quick intro...mostly an apology for the lateness of this posting. My delicious grandson dropped by for lunch with his parents and I've been side tracked.

So without further are all the fantastic pastas. Thanks everyone...I can't wait to try them all.

Sarah of What Smells So Good and I crossed wires last week and she just missed the roundup. So she starts the week with a cure for her sickie...Pasta a la Refrigerateur. I'll try some too, please. No photo of the finished dish, so use your imagination.

Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen is next with a fantastic version of one of my favorite ways to make pasta....stuffed & baked. Don't you just love the combo of Sausage & Artichokes?

Gay, the Scientist in the Kitchen has another great baked pasta for me to make and remember my childhood...Baked Tuna Rigatoni Melt.

Kittie of Kittens in the Kitchen shares this awesome Creamy Leek with Bacon and Mushroom Pasta. I love what she did with the leeks!

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein shares the first of what I hope will be many pastas in 2008. This one is homemade Linguine with Basil simple and soooooo good!

Dana McCauley has a foodblog on where she shares all the current food trends and one of the best options for everyone's favorite comfort food is her famous (and so delicious) Double Chedder Mac and Cheese.

Terry at Got No Milk is back with yet another baked dish. This Italian Pasta Casserole has a secret ingredient...tofu and if you don't tell, neither will I.

And Katie at Thyme For Cooking sent this Chicken Liver & Sage Pasta dish with perfect Honey (not a liver fan) is heading out of town on a business trip so guess what I'm having!!!!!

Tigerfish of Teczcape is back with a very interesting noodle e-fu noodles but if you can't find any, try this fabulous Braised Seafood Pasta with Soba Noodles instead. Check out all those other great looking soba dishes on the post too.

Kevin at Closet Cooking always shares such interesting dishes and this Ebi-Yakisoba with Shrimp is no exception. I wonder if I'll be able to find all the ingredients here in Halifax.....I hope so!

Glenna of A Fridge Full of Food has another tasty dish with Soba - Tempeh with Brussels Sprouts & Beans. Fantastic and quick - two of my favorite words with pasta.

Every once in a while Jeff of Veggie Delights shows up (I wish it were more often) and this time he has a fab Tempeh with Broccoli and Soba Noodles.

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy made a delicious Applesauce Kugel similar to the one she makes for Chanukah....Looks great and who says you have to only eat "holiday" food on holidays!?

Sher of What Did You Eat? has a really innovative dish for us...Fazzoletti with Turkey Stew and Prunes. Apparently fazzoletti translates into face towels, but we'd rather EAT them.

And my dish, finally a REAL pasta dish! This was our first pasta of the year and the Multigrain Fusilli with Roasted Mushrooms & Roasted Garlic was a great start!

Don't forget to join in the fun for next week and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

As always...a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!! I know 2008’s Presto Pasta meals will be amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Great job as usual Ruth!

Any readers interested can see me making this mac and cheese on youtube. THe video was just posted minutes ago!

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations on your first pasta of the year!!!! I bet it tasted great--it looks delicious. Great roundup!

Katie Zeller said...

They all look lovely... but I especially like that first photo ;-))

test it comm said...

Great roundup!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

All those dishes look wonderful! Great!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

In the last few months, you may remember receiving an email invitation to become a part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program. With all the recipe-writing and food photography to be completed, we know emails can easily get lost in the shuffle, so Foodbuzz would like to re-extend our offer of inviting you to be a part of our food blogger network. I would love to send you more details about the program, so if you are interested, please email me at

And that's a fabulous roundup! Thanks for consolidating all these in one place! I am now inspired...


Shannon Eliot
Editorial Assistant,