Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bread Salad & Grilled Tilapia

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I know it seems like I only focus on pasta, and the truth mouth would certainly be happy if I ate some every day. My hips, on the other hand....well, that's another story.

Earlier this week I made some pan grilled tilapia. It's not quite the same as BBQ'd but, what's a girl to do when there isn't a bbq in sight. I've made it before and it was delicious.

Leafing through the latest Food & Wine Magazine(September, 2007 issue) I saw an interesting recipe for Tomato & Bread Salad and since I had a stale loaf of Sourdough bagette in my fridge (I can't imagine how we didn't scarf it all down when I bought it) it sounded perfect. I ran out to buy some Heritage Cherry Tomatoes to use - lots of color and subtle differences in texture (of course that part was a waste, since the bread and dressing pack a punch and so the subtlety of the tomatoes was missed).

I wanted to make sure I didn't miss this month's Fresh Produce Event over at an Italian in the US. The theme...tomatoes of course.

Don't forget to come to the big Presto Pasta Night Six Month Celebration Party tomorrow. It's going to be spectacular.


test it comm said...

The tilapia looks good. I just picked up a grill pan and I have yet to try it out. Pan grilled fish sounds like a good way to break it in.

s'kat said...

*sigh* You make the best meals!

chemcookit said...

Dear Ruth,
thank you so much for taking part to the event and for bringing such a great dish! I enlarged the picture of the salad - it looks so colorful and appetizing! Looking forward to trying it. :)

Ruth Daniels said...

Kevin, just remember to lightly oil the grills - too much and it makes soup! and keep it very hot!

S''re too kind

Chemcookit, I can't wait to see the roundup.

Anonymous said...

I give you the link of my recipe raviolis
if any problem let me know

Anonymous said...

i give you another pasta recipe!!!!get ready for the translation "game" if you have any trouble let me know
this time it's a "gratin aux deux fromages"
another one next week???