Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Simple, Healthy, Tasty Dinner

I love salmon. It's no secret. I have a number of salmon recipes and this one is quite similar to others I've made before. I used a cedar plant to "smoke" the fish for 20 minutes. I used dill (I often do, I love the pairing of dill and salmon). I added lemon and onion and garlic - a few of my favorite ingredients. Plus salmon is so South Beach Diet friendly, it's no wonder it graces our table as often as it does.

All that is true, but this time it's even more special - Atlantic Salmon cooked just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, on a deck overlooking one of the many lakes in the region that feed directly into the ocean. This time the salmon is served with a salad of local baby sprouts and greens direct from the Annapolis Valley. I've been there several times over the years of visiting Joanna and Ezra, usually for apple picking in the Fall and I always stop at The Tangled Garden, (where my favorite jellies in the entire world come from) and it always makes me think of the Niagara region of Ontario for its lush orchards and farmlands. That reminds me, it's almost Apple Blossom Time and I'm planning on checking it out. What a glorious adventure that will be!


And because dinner is loaded with lovely herbs - dill for the salmon and mint & basil for the salad, it's a definite Weekend Herb Blogging entry if ever there was one. Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen started this excellent event that just keeps getting better and better. This time around it's hosted by Pat over at Up a Creek Without a Pati. Thanks for hosting!

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Kalyn Denny said...

It does sound so good. I've heard about the wonderful flavor of plank-cooked salmon but haven't done it yet. I even have a recipe my neighbors gave me more than a year ago. Must try it!

Lis said...

A perfect combination all the way around.. this dinner sounds more than delicious, Ruth! I've never used a plank or even grilled fish on our grill.. I see I'm going to have to try soon!


PatL said...

You are ever so welcome, Ruth. Halifax! What a fabulous place. Have been through there many times en route to a little island off the coast of Chester. How lucky you are to live there!

Ruth Daniels said...

Ladies, you must try the plank thing. It's so easy and the fish is so tasty. Best part though - nothing sticks to or falls through the grates!

Thanks for dropping by.

Ros said...

Smoking is now on my list of'things to try when I have my own flat.' It's a great idea- I love hot-smoked salmon.

Snap! I did a blueberry salad too!