Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kitchen Toy from Halifax - Bread Maker

My daughter loves her bread maker and she's trying to make me a convert.....we'll see. I must admit the two types of bread we've had since I got here were very tasty and she's determined to make more before I leave so I'll want to buy a bread machine myself. I'll let you know.

The upside is that once you put all the ingredients into the bread pan you can relax for 4 hours (even less depending on the actual bread you want to bake). Ahhh, life is good when you're 19 days old!

Last week we had Sunflower & Cumin Seed Bread with dinner. This morning we had Banana & Poppy Seed Bread for breakfast. We made it yesterday afternoon, because it needed 1 hour to cool on a cake rack before slicing. It was delicious toasted with steaming cup of coffee. Who knows, maybe she will convert me before I go back home.

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ChrisB said...

Some years ago I bought a bread making machine for my husband to use. He is useless in the kitchen but I thought this was something he could learn to do. I never used it myself and to be fair to him he made some very good bread but I always had to clean it ready for the next batch. However he lost interest and I keep nudging him to start again. He says when he retires- so come September the kitchen will once more smell of freshly baked bread (hopefully).

Ruth Daniels said...

Good luck with that!!! (getting the hubby into the kitchen)

One thing I did notice is...the absence of bread baking aroma.

So far, it just makes me want to try real bread baking. Although, I'm too lazy to spend the proper amount of time kneading the dough. I know my daughter does the kneading process for her challahs in the bread maker. Then she braids them and bakes them in the oven.

All these options....

Sara said...

I have absolutly no luck at baking bread from scratch, but the bread maker works for me. We don't use ours a lot, but ut's nice to have warm fresh bread now and then. The two you tried sound great!

Anonymous said...
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