Tuesday, October 3, 2006

This Week's WHB - first in...Dill

This past weekend Kalyn held her anniversary WHB bash with all of us voting for our favorite herbs. Check out the winners for yourself. And now she's graciously decided to share the hosting fun with other bloggers....and this week, it's my turn!! Check out who else will be hosting this month.

All you need to do is post about your favorite herb or vegetabel or flower for that matter, the simple rules are here. And email your entry to me (ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com) by Sunday. I'd appreciate it if you linked to my site as well as Kalyn's in your post.

If you're interested in hosting a WHB, please email Kalyn at kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net.

I've already received the first entry and although dill only got one vote last week, it will be first on the list for this one. You'll have to check back here on Monday to check out the awesome lamb and dill soup.

So what are you waiting for.....send me your WHB dishes.

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1 comment:

Kalyn Denny said...

I'll be posting my entry tomorrow. I know how it helps if some people send them early so the host can get a draft post started!!

Great job on this post, and thanks for hosting.