Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ancho Chicken Pot Pie - Not Your Traditional Version

The other day I was surfing the net, looking for....I don't remember what now, probably just doing some procrastinating when I came across a recipe for chicken potpie. I've been craving some since the weather got cold and damp and even more so since I got my cold (which is gone now, thanks for asking). But this in not my mother's traditional mellow version - with a white sauce and some peas and carrots to give it color. This one has ooomph!!

Before I share the recipe, though, let me tell you what dawned on me. But let me back up a little. In my wandering through the wide, wide world of food sites, I also found another great looking recipe for a salmon dish (it's on deck for Friday night) and both authors mentioned another source for their recipe which they then adapted to their tastes...and then, of course, I did the same. Unlike broken telephone (now here's the epiphany), the message doesn't get so garbled as to be incomprehensible, rather it becomes more personalized and perfect for the next cook who finds it.

So here's my version, adapted from Jennifer's who adapted hers from Elizabeth Brown for Marshall Field's Cookbook: Classic Recipes.

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Anonymous said...

good. gives me something to do with the bag of ancho chilis i recently bought. hot is right. easy on the ancho, i guess? ;p

Sara said...

Ruth what a great sounding recipe and perfect for this time of year. We all need a bit more comfort with this cold weather don't we?

Katie said...

Comfort food with a kick - I love it. And I bought just the casserole to cook it in at the shops today!