Sunday, September 3, 2006

Finally a Meal from Chile

Last November my daughter Sharron (that's her on the right with her friend Nena) left for Chile to teach English. I was hoping for lots of Chilean recipes with lots of photos. She's still there, much to my chagrine - I miss her terribly, and so far, these are the only photos she's sent.

Almost every time I've asked her what she's eaten - the reply is empanadas. Naturally I had to ask the specifics and finally she and her friends Nena and Mauricio actually made them from scratch. I don't have the recipe but here are the photos she sent....

Mauricio starting the dough

Making the empanadas

All the fixings - shrimp, cheese & chicken

Shrimp & cheese filling - it would be MY favorite

Stuffed and ready to go

fryin' time

And, wouldn't you know finished product to look at! Or a recipe to go with the photos. So I took the liberty of including this link to some authentic South American empanada recipes.

Remember, tomorrow is the deadline for this month's Weekend Cookbook Challenge - Foreign Food All the details are there and then email a link to your entries to ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com. If you don't have your own blog I'll be happy to post your recipe and any photo on mine. I'll probably post the round up on Tuesday.

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Writer Girl said...

what an awesome blog! you make my mouth water!

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting recipe, which reminds me of Polish Pierogi (something my wife added to my site).
I've always wondered about Chilean food, since it's such a country of contrasts.

Joycelyn said...

hi ruth, you must miss her terribly! those empanadas look pretty darn awesome, tho', i must say...

Brilynn said...

Your empanadas look great! I recently made some as well:

Anonymous said...

i have had empanadas from a spanish place here. the recipe looks interesting and i have to try it .