Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dufferin Market Tasting Fair

I rarely do this, but it's too wonderful an event not to mention. I've briefly written about this little, but very excellent local market before but somehow forgot to include any photos - silly me. Most of the produce is organic with lots of samples to taste and everyone is so friendly and passionate about what they do, that you can't help but leave with a bag of goodies and a huge smile on your face.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be too busy to attend, but if you are in the Toronto area - I suggest you check it out. And if you do.....take some pictures, post them on your blog, if you have one or send them to me via email - ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com and I'll post for you. If you do post, don't forget to email me a link.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, Farmers' Markets...I just went to my local too.
Also coincidentaly, my region has it's annual food fair in a couple of weeks, so I'll have to go to that too.
Such a hard life.