Thursday, August 3, 2006

A Saturday Adventure in the Country

Since it's almost the weekend, I thought I'd share our last Saturday adventure before it comes around again. The weather couldn't make up its mind - will rain? will it just be hot and muggy? who knew, so we thought we'd take a chance and head out of the city along the old highway in the direction of Prince Edward County (about 2 hours east of Toronto). We stumbled upon this charming area a few years ago and spent the night at the Merrill Inn, went on a Haunted Tour of Historic Picton and had lunch at Waupoos Winery which had recently opened and we've been promising ourselves a return visit ever since.

We were lucky, not only was Waupoos Winery still there, it's better than ever. Isn't the view wonderful?

That's the view from our table on the patio where we started our delicious lunch. In the distance you can see the shores of Lake Ontario. The rain brought us indoors for the meal and graciously stopped by the time we finished dessert.
Here's our menu....

Seared Scallop Salad with tiny roe garnish - very delicious indeed!

Spicy Lamb Sausages on Savory Couscous with Balsamic Reduction - excellent!

Caramel Pecan Tart

Chocolate Velvet Tart- both were very tasty.

The chef is Kenny Leighton, and I must say the food was delicious and the presentations stunning. Melissa was our server - friendly, helpful and picked the right wines for the dishes. The desserts are all made by Susan Latchford. So if you're ever in the neighborhood, you MUST check it out.

After lunch, to walk off the desserts, we wandered around the vineyard.

The vines close up and personal.

Next year's wine...

and, because we passed a great looking farm just down the road, with a stand out front, we bought really freshly picked corn and these beauties...

blue potatoes (which turned a lavender color when cooked and a little too grainy for the way I used them - in a salad Nicoise (they were the only things left on the plate) and fabulous onions and scallions.

Now what shall we plan for this weekend???? And what are you planning?

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I would love to experience such an interesting day like yours! The place seems very beautiful and the food looks very fine...

By the way, I love your farm products, especially the violet potato!