Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thermometers - More Kitchen Tools I Use

Many people don't see the need for thermometers. I used to be one of them (my older daughter still is) but since I started using mine a number of years ago I rarely under or overcook my roasts any more. (That's the meat thermometer on the right). I actually wrote about "doneness" (the specific temperatures when various meats/poultry are ready) on AskRuth because there's nothing worse than food that's not cooked the way you like it.

The other thermometer is one I rarely use, I admit, but that's only because I don't make candy very often and hardly ever make any desserts that require fussing. Still I'm glad it's in my drawer for the odd occasion it's required.

Just curious....which are you the "fly by the seat of your pants" type or the more systematic/scientific type of cook?

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Sara said...

I am totally fly by the seat of my pants!

Anonymous said...

If recipes are too complicated and need a phd qualification, i wouldn't even bother with them.

I got lucky with my first huge turkey on my first christmas with my Fiance's family - without the use of thermometers. I never took a peek on the bird until it was time for dinner and it was perfect. So moist and tender - the turkey gods were on my side that day.

I normally go with sight, touch, smell and feel.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm the "fly by the seat of my pants" type...

Louise said...

I couldn't cook without my Polder digital thermometer. I've had one for at least 7 years now and LOVE it. It has a long thin probe that you can put into meat while leaving the thermometer outside the oven. You can set a temperature for when you want a warning sound to go off which is very useful for roasts. I test everything before I serve it - especially chicken.

Buy it - I guarentee you will love it. I got mine at Linens and Things. (It also can be used as a timer which is very useful in the Kitchen)


Kitchen Tales

Anonymous said...

I can't get by without my little timer which I wear around my neck. Once in the oven I have a tendency to get caught up with something else and totally forget everythig critical as what time I put it in the oven, how long it's been in there, the fact that something is in the oven. Everything else is by "fly by the seat of my pants".