Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lamb Merguez Pasta & Salad - A Perfect Match

I promised more lamb recipes and I must admit, I’ve been cooking and eating well and it’s been too lovely to stay in and write. Of course that means that now I have so many great recipes to share that I don’t know where to start.

Many years ago in Montreal I discovered merguez sausages. They are a North African delicacy and made with lots of garlic, ground cumin, dried chili flakes and paprika and they are awesome. I even found this site if you want to make your own. Personally, I’ll just buy them. My family enjoys them instead of hot dogs on a bun, or to replace bacon with scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. But occasionally I like to serve them in a Marinara sauce (my own kind of fusion cooking). Merguez is not for the faint hearted – they really pack quite a punch, so be warned.

When I serve them in pasta, I just add some salad like the one here. Mostly I just open the fridge and whatever jumps into my hands ends up in the bowl.

Too bad the South Beach Dietdoesn't let me have too many carbs, because some wonderful baguette or better still, some garlic bread would be awesome to tame the heat of the merguez!


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