Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheese Sandwich Day - What Could be Better

Well it's cheese sandwich day around the food blogging world. It all started after an article was written by Pete Wells, who categorized many food blogs as lowly, diary-writing pages not worthy of his time. I was going to write about how vibrant the food blogging community is, but FumblingFoodie says it all.

Now I must admit, I started out writing a blog so that my daughters who live far away could just go to my site and catch my recipes. But it has become much more than that. The food blogging community is a close-knit one, with everyone being open and supportive. It's like no other place I know. There are sites I visit because they are spectacularly beautiful, beautifully written, informative & engaging or a combination of all of the above. And now they feel like family.

Interestingly enough, back in August, 2005, Slashfood declared Grilled Cheese Monday and how could I resist since, in my opinion grilled cheese sandwiches should be a food group all by itself.

So....happy cheese sandwich day everyone, wherever you are.

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Kalyn Denny said...

Very fun. I'm doing a roundup of all the ones I saw.

Shauna said...

Thank you for the mention, my dear. I'm so glad you started blogging. The other part? All a kerfuffle. What remains is the feeling that we have this community. I'm so glad to know you this way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention and link. You and kayln have really put my little new blog on the map today.

Ruth Daniels said...

Dave, I'm glad I found your "little new blog" it's great. I plan on visiting often.

Mona said...

I haven't made mine yet but soon Ruth, soon:) I love your reasoning for starting the blog, and glad I can enjoy your recipes even though I'm not family! Too bad my mom's not computer literate...Anyhoo, those sammies look great, and you even color coordinated the placemats-very impressive!

Joycelyn said...

hi ruth, i always look forward to visiting once upon a feast - each post is always such a pleasure, meant to be savoured leisurely over a cup of tea, which i'm having as we speak...and yes, it's funny how it feels like a virtual family ;)