Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Confess....

I’ve been visiting my favorite bloggers and some of them have been doing the confession thing (like Amy over at Cooking With Amy, Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, Jeanne at Cook Sister, and David Lebovitz (if you love chocolate, you HAVE to check it out) apparently he started this meme). I thought I’d get in the act too.

I confess…
1. I'm a voyeur - I love to peek into other bloggers worlds.

2. If I’m not cooking or eating then I’m thinking about cooking or eating.

3. I still love a McDonald’s quarter-pounder with cheese now and then.

4. I order take out often – not sure if it’s because of or in spite of the fact that I spend a good deal of my time these days at the computer working on my cookbook.

5. At least one whole shelf in my fridge is filled with condiments – especially mustards, jams and jellies.

6. I obsessively buy food magazines.

7. I never wash mushrooms (just brush off the obvious dirt).

8. I can’t live without fresh herbs and garlic – they go in almost everything I cook.

9. My spice cupboard is a mess and too scary to organize.

10. I really love my kitchen toys – almost as much as shoes!!!

11. No matter how many cookbooks I buy (I now have close to 200) I always want more.

12. I could eat meat three times a day.

13. When I’m alone I don’t do much cooking.

14. I hate making finicky little cookies. If I can’t just whip it up, spoon it on a tray, it probably won’t happen. They just get eaten too quickly!!!

15. As a late night snack, I’d rather eat a piece of cold chicken than chocolate.

16. I use my BBQ even in the dead of winter.

17. I’d rather cook for 10 or 20 than to cook for 1 or 2.

18. I love reading food blogs (I know I said it already, but it's worth repeating).

19. I love watching Jamie Oliver on TV. He’s my favorite.

20. I rarely use my mezzaluna – Nigella Lawson made it look so cool, I ran out and got one. But really – I use my 10” Henckels knife, it’s awesome.

21. I don’t know what I ever did before getting tongs.

22. I dream about having a huge kitchen with room for all my baking, cooking and roasting utensils with an even huger walk-in pantry for food stuff.

That’s what comes to mind at the moment, but I think I’ll keep adding to this list as I think of them.

What are your food confessions? I’d love to hear about them.


Jeanne said...

Hi Ruth!

It's kind of compelling, the confessions thing isn't it!! ;-)

Great list - yes, chicken instead of chocolate for late-night munchies!! With mayo!! I don't really do quarterpounders... but KFC is a whole different story. And I suspect we are dreaming of the same kitchen ;-)

Ruth Daniels said...

Don't even get me started on mayo!!! I really know how bad I am when I order club sandwiches and need at least 3 extra little packets of mayo they give out.

I noticed many things on your list I'm guilty of like not using my rolling pin or my copy of Nigella's Feast (it's a nice book to flip through, but not really to use).

Wasn't this fun?

Anonymous said...

You've made me confess in my newest post!

Anonymous said...

Ruth--Your number 2 is also on my list. It's embarrassing to think about food so much, but I do!

Kalyn Denny said...

Hey thanks for listing me in such a distinguished list of your favorite bloggers. It was fun reading your confessions.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for sharing your confessions.

I love this!!!and another confession.....I feel like such a snoop reading everyone else's examples and sharing my own - my mother would be shocked!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Here's David's confession:

Enjoyed reading your confession. I especially identify with #8 ;-)


mae said...

Hi there,

Enjoyed reading your confessions - i can definitely 100% relate to #2. So glad i'm not the only one. (lol)

I will be posting my own confessions very soon. I am now really nervous!

Ruth Daniels said...

Paz - thanks for sharing the link to David's confessions, I've added them to my post. And, by the way, I relate to MANY of your confessions.

Mae Gabriel, thanks for dropping by and don't be nervous. Although I know what you mean. My mother would wonder why we'd want to share our "dirty little secrets". It's nice, actually to know we're not alone.

Thanks for dropping by.