Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mini Peach Custard Tart & More Toys

It is definitely peach season. Every peach just drips down your arm and the sweetness.....words cannot express!!!

I had some extra crust left over from Sugar High Friday Irish Coffe Pie and decided to be creative. I just bought these cute little mini-tart pans. They are non-stick and have removable bottoms so you can impress those around you with individual tarts. But hazelnut chocolate crust with vanilla custard was not enough for these peaches. I had to sprinkle some brown sugar and use my little torch to create a brulee effect. (Which didn't actually crisp up, but it did have that almost-burnt taste I adore.

The recipe is simple enough - the crust from Irish Coffee Pie (make sure it's well chilled before adding the custard, the custard from the Strawberry Tart, topped with sliced peaches (add while custard is still warm)-plums would work just as well. Then sprinkle with brown sugar and use the torch until the sugar melts. The smell is delicious, but watch closely or it will burn quickly and THAT does NOT smell delicious!!! Refrigerate for at least an hour and enjoy.


Shauna said...


That looks wonderful. It's definitely peach season in Seattle too. Yesterday, I was at a farmers' market, and stopped at a booth to smell the peaches. The owner couldn't help me for a moment, because he was eating a peach, and the juice was dripping down his hands. I bought eight.

Last night, I made a peach-blueberry crisp, with an experimental GF crisp. It was well received, that's for sure. I took your idea and stuck crystallized ginger in with the peaches and blueberries. YUM!

Thanks again.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing both the story about the farmers' market and your peach bluegerry crisp. It's just the perfect thing to try tonight with those blueberries and peaches that have maybe one more day in them.

Crystallized ginger really does take everything up a notch.

Joe said...


That looks so good! I really need one of the torches. They look like such fun!

Ruth Daniels said...

The torch is great. Imagine taking a simple delicious peach, cut it in half, sprinkle the cut side with brown sugar and torch away. An awesome treat in a flash. I love my torch

Cate said...

Ruth, that tart looks scrumptious!

Joycelyn said...

hi ruth, what a terrific idea, as always...that looks so cute, not to mention delicious...i have an entire crate of white honey peaches from happily eating my way through them alongside making desserts...

Ruth Daniels said...

Sweetnicks, thanks. Funny thing is my husband likes it best when I don't add filling.

J, thanks Although I need to improve on my photography (can't compete with yours), the tart was delicious.