Monday, August 29, 2005

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Today has been declared Grilled Cheese Monday and how could I resist Slashfood's request since, in my opinion grilled cheese sandwiches should be a food group all by itself.

High on my wish list is Krups Panini Maker but in the meantime I use a "poor man's version" from a tip I found in one of my honey's Men's Health magazine to create a press. I heat up my trusty non-stick grill pan plus the bottom of a heavy frypan that I've heated on a separate burner. Place my sandwich (bottom side buttered) in the hot grill pan and place the heated heavy frypan on top and press down. You have to flip the sandwich over if you want grill marks on both sides.

Since I couldn't decide on just one version, I decided to make a few of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches.

In honor of our five year old niece who will only eat that classic "plastic" process cheese on Wonderbread (no crusts, please), I made a grown up version - aged cheddar on challah (egg bread) with tomatoes for me and none for my honey.

Rye bread with goat cheese and Italian herbs and Genoa salami and another with smoked salmon, sliced tomato and red onions in lieu of the salami.

Multi grain bread with Boursin and another with brie and chopped basil.

I stopped here because it was just for the two of us, but we stilled managed to polish off the platter.


Shauna said...

Yum. I'm making grilled cheese for lunch, for the same venue, and you've given me plenty of ideas. I wouldn't have thought of pressing down the pan on top. Hm...

Cate said...

Grilled cheese is one of my favorite sandwiches, but The Husband? Not so much. Yours look great.