Thursday, July 21, 2005

Can Summer Be Winding Down Already?

Well, the local strawberries are really gone and the Washington Bing cherries are too. I was hoping that the local cherries would be as big and juicy and purple and firm, but they're not. I guess the weather has been too hot and not enough rain. Local peaches should be here soon and, hopefully they will fare better.

I couldn't figure out why a subtle sadness has been creeping in. I know I've been whining about the heat alot, but I really do love this season. When else can we stroll endlessly to people watch and window shop or enjoy outdoor dining? When else can you wear skimpy clothes and display brightly coloured toes in strappy sandals? When else can you eat fruits so juicy, it drips down your chin and arms - watermelon, anyone? When else is nature in its fully glory - riotous blooms, fields in every shade of green, fruit and vegetables in abundance, their colours never brighter?

But yesterday it really hit me. I was doing some shopping at Costco (haven't been in ages) and there it was - Christmas cards and wrapping paper!!!!! Can it be that the summer is almost half over!!! My friends are talking about visiting day at camps - a true sign. The shops are starting to display heavy Fall coats and sweaters. Sports talk is all about hockey. It can't be happening - and yet it is. So let's all savour every Summer moment left. Today I'm off exploring - no more work on the cookbook today!!! It's time to get out of the house - air conditioning and all - Spadina (the heart of downtown Toronto Chinatown) and Kensington Market - here I come.

Tomorrow I'll post photos.

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