Thursday, June 9, 2005

St Lawrence Market - Part Two

Many people know and love the upstairs of the St Lawrence Market South Building filled mostly with vendors of fresh meat, poultry, fish, cheeses and baked goods. The lower level is a different world. There you find everything from crafts to delicacies; imported staples to prepared dishes to eat in or take home. I must admit that I had been through the upper floor at least five times before I even ventured downstairs. After all there’s only so much any person can absorb (or carry for that matter) before they have to head home. So today I thought I’d mention some of my favourite hidden treasures in the lower level.

Eve’s Temptations unfortunately they don’t have any photos on their site so I thought I’d include a couple of my own

For those with a serious sweet tooth, you have to (I mean HAVE TO) check them out. They sell the most delicious pies, cakes, truffles, local maple syrup and so much more.

A Bisket A Basket again, no pictures which is a pity because their display is almost as yummy as their jams. They have a wide variety of condiments from sweet to savoury with tasting expected.

Stonemill Bakery has a huge selection of freshly baked organic breads, bagels (not Montreal bagels, but delicious none the less) and more. I would include a picture, but when I was there on Wednesday the place was pretty deserted and the shelves bare. So head over on Saturday and be prepared for the line-ups.

For those of you looking for ingredients from dried - peppers,mushrooms, legumes, noodles, spices, to wet - sauces (Lively Live has 2 shelves just of hot sauces from around the world) and vinegars and more, check out
Lively Life

The Everyday Gourmet. Unfortunately they don't have websites, so you'll have to check them out in person. If you can’t find the ingredient in either shop, it doesn’t exist in Toronto.

Honey World with honey primarily from New Zealand. The variety is astounding - 30 different types!!! The staff knowledgeable. Just like the cheesemongers upstairs, they will tell you which honey goes best with what; which are best as a spread and which to use for baking, etc.

Next time around, I’ll focus on the prepared food vendors. I’m drooling just to think about them.

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