Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Multicultural Festivals

Toronto is the most multicultural city in North Amarica, or so I'm told and I believe it. Ethnic communities abound, along with the colors, smells, tastes and sounds of far away places. I will be checking them out and sharing my adventures over the summer. Naturally there will be much about food!!!

In addition to great restaurants and shops, each of these fabulous neighborhoods hold festivals throughout the year, with many taking place in summer. Check out redToronto to find your favorite festivals. They list every kind of festival from music, to food, to art and beyond. Unfortunately I missed last weeks College Street Italian Festival , but there is another Corso Italian Festival on St Clair, July 8-10 and I hope to make it. The Taste of the Danforth is a celebration of all things Greek, in August and Carabana is the biggest party around after Pride Day, that is.

But the giant kahuna of multicultural festivals is called Caravan and it truly reflects the diversity of this city. It is supposed to start this coming Friday and run for two weeks, but due to issues with Downsview Park, we don't know where it will take place. So stay tuned for details.

I know I won't be able to make it to all of the festivals in and around Toronto, but I certainly hope to make a huge dent.

Giant Favor: If you know of any fabulous festivals in your neighborhood, let me know. Summer is a time for travel and festivals are a perfect way to share in native cultures. One of these days I'll share one of my favorite food adventures - The garlic and basil festival in the town of Tours, France that my husband and I just happened upon a few years ago. It was wonderful. So why don't each of you reading this, check out your favorite festival or ethnic neighborhood and share in the joy. Send some comments so others can join in your fun too


Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is an actual festival, but summer evenings on Gerrard always feel like an Indian food and fabric festival.

Ruth Daniels said...

You're right, Little India always makes me feel like I'm at a festival. The earthy aromas of all those spices, the stunningly bright fabrics and all that delicious food. Why don't we go there once it cools off?