Monday, May 7, 2007

To Market, To Market to Buy.....

Saturday morning is the only time you can go to the Halifax Farmer's Market at the historic Keith Brewery right by the water. It's a rabbit warren of wonderful tastes, sights and sounds. Apparently it will be moving to Pier 21 and I hope it doesn't lose it's personality in the process.

It's the most social of any farmer's market I've ever been to. Most (from my favorite Jean Talon Market in Montreal, the huge and incredibly bustling market in St Jacob, Ontario and, of course the St Lawrence Market in Toronto ) are all business. You can find amazing food, and so many many vendors, it's hard to choose what to buy, but no time to chat and meet up with friends. Even small markets with a dozen or so vendors like the Riverdale or Dufferin Markets didn't seem nearly as joyful a place to be.

At the Halifax Farmer's Market local farmers, fishermen, bakers, butchers and cheese makers to name just a few types of vendors are there to proudly, passionately chat about their goods. I met Ted Hutten of Hutten Farms who produces specialty vegetables.

It's still early in the season, so I can only imagine what his yield will look like in the summer. I bought some of these (I forget what they're called, but they look like white baby beets). More about them tomorrow, with a recipe, of course.

Musicians abound in the basement where you can sit and enjoy samosas, crepes, (or pain chocolat like we did).

You can hear haunting Jazz in some lone corridor leading from one treasure trove to the next.

Some other highlights for me....the flower vendor in the lower lobby

Fresh herbs and the tenderest mixed baby greens from Riverview Herbs...

I finally did get to buy some Cod Cheeks (more about them tomorrow too) from Gerry at Lobster Links. That's me in the red jacket. Gerry's in the red apron and a most friendly guy!

Several bakeries, which mainly focus on Sour dough breads,

but some did have croissants

and one had spectacular pastries, but not what you're looking at....that's hand made soap!!! aren't they beautiful!?

Every twist and turn, up stairs and down, lead you to unexpected delights. Artisans who knit the cutest baby hats, make jewelry, iron fixtures, leather goods and so much more.

I could go on and on, but it's time to cook up the bounty. Come back tomorrow for the results.

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Anonymous said...

I was surfing through food blogs and came across your's. And as I dug a bit deeper into the contents I came across this bit about the Halifax Farmers Market. The memories these pictures bring back. We lived in Halifax for 15 years before moving to Toronto in 2004 and then Victoria in 2005. For most of those 15 years we spent our saturday mornings at the Market. Often our first daughter (who first visited the market at 5 weeks) had dance there giving us time to wander. All 3 of our kids spent their saturday mornings there and knew the whole place. All had their favourite sellers as well; Stan the Pieman, Garden of Good Eatin, Steve O'Reno's, Shan Daph Oysters, Mary's Breads. There is no other market in the country that we have found with the atmosphere of that one. We miss it.

Ruth Daniels said...

I'm glad I could provide a moment of wonderful recollections.

It is a great market. And you're different to any other market I've been to.